I fell for him

I fell for him as someone who falls for a drug. I fell for the  wrinkles that framed his smile, for the voice that when whispered in my ears flooded my body with shots of pleasure, running through my veins with an unknown violence.

I fell for his body against mine,  warming me like a second skin,  making my breath stop for endless seconds  and a soft scream come from my chest  and lose itself In the darkness of the room.

I fell for his hands that when touched me made my blood pulse as if I were an organ, for his kiss that made my mind empty of sorrows and my eyes torpid.

I fell for the  loneliness in the mornings, when his body detached from mine, leaving a bitter taste of absence in my mouth and a feeling of emptiness.  


2 thoughts on “I fell for him

  1. u r very good at poems with eloquent words so desiring as that of apple pie. my mind wonders if ur words could be followed along by music or evolve into a wonderful song heard at my local pub. that’s pretty cool. im an underground writer with a loyal following which has forced me to write a fantasy book named LondenBerg by Lord Biron, check it out sometime. thanks.

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